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....you need to know how to dress whether on two wheels or four wheels

I have always had a fascination with advertising and remember as a child cutting up copies of Readers Digest for the Shell and Guinnness Ads. I used to read over and over again the motorcycle road tests and dreamed of the day I could buy a BSA Bushman or similar 60’s classic. In the end my two wheel career started on a ‘crunchie’  Honda C90 then on to a new from the showroom CD175 ( my first taste or Hire Purchase! ). My craving for the next purchase always being fed through the ‘70’s by Bike magazine.

Now in my second childhood I still have a fascination for period magazines and a workshop with an assortment of 80’s vehicles. I was lucky enough to find issue No1 of ‘Bike’ and this has started a collection of this iconic ‘70’s motorcycle mag.

Classicmotorads.com exists solely as a means of sharing some to the advertising gems normally hidden between the pages of magazines ranging from Motor Sport to Mayfair .....its tough but someone has to do the research!

I hope you find the site interesting and useful and maybe helps you research your particular vehicle of choice. Keep checking back as I have a mountain of new material to add as the weeks go by.

Enjoy Classicmotorads!


Bike Magazine

Revisit some of the covers and content of this great magazine